Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hospital RIPAS

Papa bought this glasses at OG building in Tutong where we had to stop for a while to have our lunch before continuing our journey to Bandar Seri Begawan to visit Kakak Hamziah at ICU.

At the hospital, this was how it looks like and where we rested while waiting for the visiting hours... i felt kind of pity for them because this was also the place where my in laws slept.... along the corridor...
See G-rah slept on her sister's lap... there was no other options as the waiting room was full with people who has many relatives and the area was just too small which makes it crowded and the air was polluted... It was surprising to see that some people even brought their stove and do their cooking there and the authorities just kept their mouth  shut because they were related.

Cinta's visits to the Dental Clinic

It has been a must for Cinta whenever she has an appointment at  the dental clinic, she will sit or stand at this "TOOTH" and takes pictures... just look at some of the pictures taken before this....

taken on the 30th May 2009

Taken on the 7th of January 2009

28th July 2008

taken on the 25th June 2009

accidentally worn the same shirt and taken on the 29th June 2009 ( she has a swollen gum )
Luckily the swelling was gone or else she will have to undergo an operation to take out her teeth...Phew! Thank God!

One of kasih favorite toys...

Oh Gosh! this thing is irresistible for  Kasih... She will try to g
rab it and when she gets her hand on it she will try to put it in her mouth.... Imagine if she can put this balloon in her mouth.... hahahaha What a silly thoughts!

Cinta is showing Kasih how to play with the Gym heheheh "Squeak...Squeak..."

New Toys Kasih's First Gym

Papa bought this for Kasih while waiting for me during the examination. He has been meaning to buy toys for Kasih since Cinta does not want to share her toys with her little sister ( sense of jelousy I guess ) We try to give Cinta more time to adapt to the new situation... Well just look at Kasih, she was not quite enthusiastic gertting this present but her sister does especially when she found out that the mat has the pattern of a ladybug where she pretended that the ladybug takes her to fly high in the sky and up to the moon.... hehehe Cinta likes to imagine a lot....

hello guys and gals it has been a while i did not update this blog and that makes a lot to share with you. Many things has happen lately, something sad, happy , fun and not forgetting tiring too heeehehee but everything turns out well, Alhamdulillah...

Well. here goes everything that happens in the life of our family....

 Here Kasih was enjoying sucking all her tiny fingers and fell asleep while we we on our way to Bandar. Epie called up earlier and told us a shocking news that my Sis in law has collapsed and was sent to ICU in RIPAS. My body was shaking hearing the news but I tried to pull myself together.

I was kind of expecting to see her but I was not allowed as Kasih and Cinta was in a high risk of getting the H1N1 virus. So the three of us and Maryani ( my maid) just waited at the lobby area till aroud 7 plus when Papa came down and told me to take the kids to Abang's house and waited for him to call which finally turns out to we staying overnight there. Luckily I brought the kids clothes and things but unfortunately for Papa and I....hehehehe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


kasih is now 3 months old and Cinta is 2 years and 6 months. i just cant believe how fast they have grown. just look at them now... i sure gonna miss them being babies. Cinta likes to pose and Kasih likes to play bubbles hehehe i love my two princesses.

Kasih is such a great baby. She always seem so relax and act cool. she is a bit cranky once in a while but still she's easy to take care of. i hope whe will grow up as a cool and relax person as she is now. love you my chicken pie...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At last I found this hat. I was so so so happy because I have searching for this hat for so long ever since I have Cinta. I was glad I finnally got it for Kasih... Isn't she cute?

 How much is this dress cost? Hehehe maybe that's what she was thinking.

Cinta trying out a new dress. She just loves to look pretty...

Shopping Spree Time

We went to the Mall. This pictures were taken while we were waiting for Papa ( he went to the loo).See how photogenic Cinta was at the back... (She is my little star ;p)
 How do I look?

Later that day we stopped at Tutong because Papa felt a bit sleepy. We went to Tutong Mall for a drink.

Cinta played EE!

Having Lunch In Yayasan

Papa as usual with his naughty face... now you know where Cinta gets most of her characters from hehehe

Kasih having her lunch... Nan Probiotic  hahahahaha Bottles up.... Cheers!

Cinta loves to eat Siew Mai. She can finishes one set on her own.

Nyum!Nyum! I love Siew Mai...

My Gosh! What is my sister eating? Just can't wait to have my own teeth....

Cinta loves slides

Cinta was on her way to give our neighbour their daughter her present. She suddenly saw a slide and as usual she just can't see slides, as it is irresistable for her. I plan to buy one for her one day but see how it goes ;p

Saturday, October 24, 2009

See What Cinta Did To Kasih

"Look Umi"said Cinta.... OMG! I was surprised to see this pic taken by Cinta. I was glad to see at least Kasih was smiling for her sis.

Cinta Goes To Town

Today Cinta went to town with Papa and I. While waiting for Papa to pay the billls at HSBCKB, Cinta and I just stayed at the Tamu area. Cinta took some pictures using my hp. She has a natural talent when it comes to photographing. See it for yourself...

Weird accidents!

Major jam this morning. I was on my way to UBD. I was lucky to take off early from KB. I was at the Jerudong Bridge when I took this picture. It was quite scary as along the way I saw several minor and major accidents which came up to a total of 7 accidaents altogether. And i thought this might be too much for me to see in one day and in one morning.

But the good thing was I get the chance to see this really great sport car. See for yourself! Wow! If only I can afford to buy this car I would be smiling as if someone put a hanger in my mouth for the whole year. Hahahahaha

Majlis Wida At Sg. Teraban

We were invited to Babu Milah's house yesterday on the 23rd October 2009 before Asar prayer. The weather was very hot and it was quite a lot of ashes in the air ( maybe there's fire somewhere) Nothing much happen for us except for Cinta. She was a bit excited meeting her relatives from my husband's side.

Kasih was a bit grumpy because she misses her "chair". We tried to cheer her up by taking pictures and she loved it. She likes to take picture... See how sweet her smile is.... Papa was a bit naughty hehehehe and me ahem ahem beauty control hahahaha xp

friend or foe?

Cinta tried to make friend with one of her relatives yesterday during Majlis Makan Wida at my husband's aunt house. it was in Sg Teraban, Kuala Belait. At first it was alright for the both of them ...

Then something happened... who would have thought that innocent face was actually a very hyper and and and I don't know what to say... You might say, well, she is just a kid but I am positive you will not say that if you were there! She pushed Cinta and ate my food. I just cannot imagine what else she is capable of...hehehehe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

shopping for barrow :p

Later today, we went to Nanyang, as usual my princess found something new to add to her toys collections and guess what? A wheel barrow and some digging sets hehehe maybe one day i will open my own toy store hehehe

Cinta's day out

Today Cinta joined Papa and I to KB town. We had a great time. Kasih did not join us because she's sleeping. We went to the Marilyn Cake House for our afternoon meal ( don't know what i should call it...hehehehe) I just wish Kasih were there too.Oh! well , there's always next time.See how close Cinta is with her Papa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yesterday Kasih went to the hospital for her second injection. she cried of course, what would u expect if a baby felt that stingy needle. she weight 6.290 kg and her length was 59cm. everything went well.